CoolSculpting® is a completely non-surgical and non-invasive approach to body contouring and fat reduction. It harnesses the power of cool temperatures to promote cryolipolysis. This process freeze fat cells, destroying them. Once adult fat cells are destroyed, they cannot be regenerated.

CoolSculpting utilizes a combination of suction, pressure, and cold temperatures to achieve results. Multiple areas may be addressed in one session. Areas that are normally treated are arms, thighs, abdomen, under chin, and back.

The device is used to deliver pressure and cool temperatures to the treatment area. This freezes and destroys fat cells. The cells are naturally processed by your body, and they are permanently removed from the body. Treatment sessions for CoolSculpting are relatively short, but the length of a treatment session will ultimately depend on the treatment area.

CoolSculpting should not be approached as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. It should not be utilized as a solution for significant fat or weight loss, nor should it be used in place of diet and exercise. This body contouring procedure may be right for you if your healthy lifestyle has not allowed you to achieve the body you desire or if there are specific areas of body fat that have been unresponsive to your efforts.

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