TRL™ Resurfacing Laser

This particular resurfacing laser is one of the most effective laser treatment options in advanced aesthetic technology today. This groundbreaking modern-day marvel uses high-precision laser technology to unlock your skin’s full rejuvenation potential. The laser’s impressive versatility and superior precision control are primarily what sets this laser apart from rival laser resurfacing treatments.

During a TRL™ Resurfacing Laser treatment, we will use a handheld device to target specific problem areas and deliver pulses of laser energy to the surface of the patient’s skin. The pulses are gentle on the deeper layers of skin as well as the surrounding tissues and cells beneath the surface, but the pulses possess the perfect amount of energy to effectively tackle the outermost layers of the skin.

The damaged skin cells on the topmost layer of skin are broken up by the pulses to reveal the fresh, healthy layer of skin beneath. This laser is also designed to stimulate the natural healing processes of your skin as it gently removes dead skin cells. As the damaged cells are ablated, your body’s collagen production processes are subsequently triggered. Collagen is what’s responsible for your body’s skin elasticity, which is what gives you the glowing results you’re searching for. 

Some of the most common reasons patients receive this laser resurfacing treatment include reducing the patient’s fine lines, wrinkles, or facial folds like crow’s feet. This treatment is also ideal for improving the patient’s skin texture from a plethora of different conditions, including acne, acne scarring, non-acne scarring, deep lines/wrinkles, sunspots, sun-damaged lesions, and more. The TRL™ treatment is also fantastic as a spot treatment for small areas such as the upper lip.

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