DiVa (Laser Vaginal Therapy)

Imagine being able to cough or sneeze without the constant worry of bladder leakage. Or having the ability to jump on a trampoline with your kids or do jumping jacks without a panty liner.

The DiVa laser offers two competing wavelengths to ablate and coagulate soft tissue, allowing each treatment to be tuneable and customizable to each individual patient

Two major events can alter and change vaginal health in a woman’s life:
Childbirth: The vaginal canal and surrounding tissue become stretched, and don’t always return to their original state post-childbirth. The stretching can lead to permanent damage of the vaginal walls. 

Menopause: Can lead to reduced estrogen which can cause thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls. This can decrease sexual function as well from a lack of lubrication and increase the frequency of bladder infections and UTI’s

The single-use quartz tip delivers a safe and sterile environment during treatment to prevent cross-contamination and shortens the downtime in between treatments.

Treatments should be performed in a series of 3, 4 weeks apart, 1 treatment a year is then required for maintenance. Each treatment takes roughly 10 minutes so it's incredibly quick! Your entire appointment will be 30 minutes long, we will administer numbing gel for your comfort. There is little to no downtime following treatment and you can resume exercise 48hrs post, and intercourse 5-7 days post. Some spotting and cramping may occur post-treatment and typically lasts only hours after treatment, and as long as 48hrs.

Due to the numbing applied, there’s little to no pain during treatment and most patients report a low 4 out of 10 for discomfort, which immediately subsides once treatment ends.

**You must have a record of your recent pap exam**

To find out more about how this treatment can help you and if this is right for you, call the clinic to book in a consult!